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Create a healthy lifestyle
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Hello Beautiful becomHER,

You might be wondering what health and purpose have in common, and what could possibly be accomplished in a mere 14 days. 

Why this challenge?

Well let me just TELL YOU!

In my ayurvedic and herbal medicine studies, I've unearthed the secrets of nature while building our raw crafted skincare line.

I've conquered my own health journey through personal trials, tears, and triumph, having struggled with problematic skin, brain fog, lack of energy, bloating, weight gain, not knowing where to start, or whom to trust, and at one time I was a walking zombie.  

Now, with the principles I am unlocking in this challenge, I've helped thousands of men and women accomplish transformation that supports the body's natural healing process resulting in glowing skin, energy, and even weight loss (even though losing weight is not the goal). 

Health is fundamental to living a full and empowered life, because at the foundation of health and true beauty is a body, mind, and soul that has come ALIVE! 

Functioning just as it was created to... 

In this 14 Day Challenge, I am giving you the foundation you'll need to start your True Beauty journey that will launch you into Becoming HER... in health, beauty, and life. 

I'll be sharing the secrets that no one else isn't being taught... but I shine most by getting to the bottom of truth and helping others be transformed. 

We were all born for something powerful. 

We can all overcome and we can all BECOME... 

Friend, It starts right here with supporting your bodies natural healing, and beauty process. It starts with truth.

Join us as I walk you through a powerful transformational journey where you will discover truth, take action, and of course you will look and feel better than ever before. 

Forever In Your Corner,

- Jaime
Founder of MIG & The HER Effect
The 14-day challenge
To Becoming The
This challenge was created to equip you with the tools, support, and systems designed to support your bodies natural healing process with ultimate health & beauty rituals.  

We Will Cover...
  •  Rituals For Healthy Skin & Ultimate Beauty 
  •  Intermittent Fasting Like You've Never Heard
  •  Blending + Juicing for LIFE
  •  Recipes for glowing skin and a healthy body
  •  Preparing food + cooking for True Beauty
  •  Raw fruits & veggies guide
  •  Hierarchy of Grocery Establishments - Shopping Guide
  •  Activation - To take life by the horns for life purpose
  •  Toxic Culprits
  •  The Souls Contribution To Healing Beauty
  •  Body Activation - Beyond exercise
  •  And So Much More...
Overcome Problematic Skin, Stubborn Weight, Fatigue, and Self Doubt Like A BOSS!